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Staten Island

Project Reset in Staten Island engages participants charged with low level, nonviolent offenses in various kinds of interventions that encourage connection and reflection about the experience and impact of arrest, perspectives on accountability, and the criminal justice system.

Project Reset in Staten Island is provided by the Staten Island Justice Center in collaboration with the Richmond County District Attorney's Office. Participants must complete two sessions in order to resolve their case. Programming options include interactive groups grounded in the tenets of procedural justice and cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as  individual sessions focused on connecting individuals with appropriate community-based services. These sessions give participants space to reflect on their arrest experience and how to avoid further involvement with the criminal justice system.


To participate or ask a question, please contact us:


Phone: 646-306-5871

Website: Staten Island Justice Center

Address: 30 Bay Street, 2nd Floor, Staten Island, NY 10301

Legal Advice Available

You may hire a private attorney or if you cannot afford one, please contact the Legal Aid Society, Eliza Pacheco,, 347-390-1844 or
Moody, S. Maquita,, 917.613.1208 to speak with an attorney at no cost to you.

Eligibility in Staten Island

You may be eligible for Project Reset if:

  • You were arrested in Staten Island;

  • You are 18-years-old or older;

  • The Richmond County District Attorney's Office determines that your case is eligible;

  • You were issued a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) for a  non-violent misdemeanor charge. 

The final decision about eligibility rests with the Richmond County District Attorney's Office.

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