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Project Reset in Queens provides
programming that encourages
participants to reflect on their
arrest experience, connect with
their community, and develop skills
for avoiding further involvement
with the justice system.

Project Reset in Queens is provided by the Queens Community Justice Center. Participants can resolve their case by completing one session; staff work with each participant to choose the type of programming best suited for them. Options include an interactive group with a focus on procedural justice and the criminal justice process, and an individual session where participants can discuss specific topics and receive referrals to appropriate community-based services. Project Reset programming gives participants the opportunity to learn about the criminal justice system, explore any
challenges that may have led to their arrest, and
discuss strategies to avoid future involvement with the system.


To participate or ask a question, please contact us:


Phone: ‪646.352.3804

Website: Project Reset

Legal Advice Available

You may hire an attorney, or if you cannot afford an attorney, please contact Legal Aid Society attorneys Roslyn R. Morrison at (646) 532-7287 or Donna Marie Haase at (718) 286-2316 at no cost to you. 

Eligibility in Queens

You may be eligible for Project Reset if: 

  • You were arrested in Queens; 

  • You are 18-years-old or older; 

  •  You were issued a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) for a non-violent misdemeanor crime;

  • The Queens County District Attorney's Office determines that your case is eligible.

The final decision about eligibility rests with the Queens County District Attorney's Office. 

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