Project Reset is a collaboration between the District Attorney's Offices in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, the Center for Court Innovation, Young New Yorkers, The Osborne Association, and the New York Police Department. In Manhattan, Project Reset is funded through the Manhattan DA's Criminal Justice  Investment Initiative. Project Reset is also funded by the New York City Council and the Tow and Cohen Foundations.



Bronx Community Justice brings together participants and community volunteers for restorative justice discussions.

Restorative justice emphasizes healing, accountability, and repair after crime or harm has been committed. During restorative circle discussions, participants explore the underlying circumstances that led to their arrests and how they can move forward and avoid future contact with the justice system. 


Volunteers from the Bronx community play an active role in restorative circle discussions, share stories from their own lives, and help participants build stronger community ties. Restorative circle discussions last three hours and can be completed in one day.  Individual counseling sessions are also offered on an as-needed basis.

Project Reset Bronx Community Justice logo.

To participate or ask a question, please contact us:


Phone: 718.618.1550

Website: Bronx Community Justice


3213A 3rd Avenue
Bronx, NY 10451

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Located at 3rd Ave/E 162nd Street on the Bx15, Bx21, Bx6, Bx6-SBS​​

Are you interested in being a community volunteer? 

Project Reset: Bronx Community Justice relies on community volunteers. During restorative circle discussions, volunteers share stories from their own lives and help participants strengthen community ties. If you would like to participate in a one-day training in restorative justice and then volunteer for Project Reset, please send an email to Our team will contact you soon with more details.

Legal Advice Available

You may hire an attorney or if you cannot afford an attorney, please click to find more information on which attorney you should contact at no cost to you. Please check your DAT for your return court information.

Eligibility in the Bronx

You may be eligible for Project Reset if:

  • You were arrested in the the Bronx;

  • You are 18-years-old or older;

  • You were issued a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) for a non-violent misdemeanor crime (the exact list of eligible charges varies by borough)

  • The Bronx District Attorney's Office determines that your case is eligible.

Click for a list of charges that may be diverted to Project Reset. The final decision about eligibility rests with the Bronx District Attorney's Office.