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Project Reset in Brooklyn engages participants in collaborative discussions and activities that help develop concrete skills to identify and change thought patterns and behaviors. 

Project Reset in Brooklyn is provided by Brooklyn Justice Initiatives. Participants discuss their experiences with conflict and look at factors that led to those situations. By engaging in collaborative discussions and activities, participants develop concrete skills to identify and change thought patterns and behaviors. 


Participants have the option to explore these themes through group programming at Brooklyn Justice Initiatives, the Red Hook Community Justice Center, or through an art-based group at the Brooklyn Museum. Individual counseling sessions are also offered on an as-needed basis and all programming runs between 2-4 hours.

Legal Advice Available

You may hire an attorney or if you cannot afford an attorney, please contact us for more information on which attorney you should contact at no cost to you. 

Project Reset Brooklyn logo.

To participate or ask a question, please contact us:


Phone: ‪914.306.5432‬

Website: Brooklyn Justice Initiatives


25 Willoughby Street, 2nd Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11201​​

Eligibility in Brooklyn

You may be eligible for Project Reset if:

  • You were arrested in Brooklyn;

  • You are 18-years-old or older;

  • You were issued a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) for a non-violent misdemeanor crime;

  • The Brooklyn District Attorney's Office determines that your case is eligible;

The final decision about eligibility rests with the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office. 

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